At Your Service

If you can't find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact Monique Vermeer. She is not only the company owner but also working with Myler Bits straight from the start since 1998. In the Netherlands she was the founder and owner of the western store "The Oregon Trail Tack Store". Myler Bits were doing very well in her business. She gave seminars, bit advises and clinics all over the Netherlands for many years. She was also part of the team that got the Myler Bits in 2005-2007 officially approved for the dressage sport (KNHS, Dutch Equestrian Federation). In the USA she visited the manufacturer "Toklat Originals Inc." in Oregon State several times and as well as Dale Myler at the Denver Wesa and his brothers. In 2018 she has started a new adventure with Myler Bits in Sweden at her beautiful home called "The Shovelhead Ranch".