Measure your horse's mouth with a wooden kitchen spoon

To measure your horse his mouth accurately, you will need the handle of a wooden kitchen spoon. 
1. Already mark one side of the handle with a pen. 
2. Insert the handle of the wooden spoon in your horse's mouth where the bit would normally sit. 
3. Wait until the horse relaxes in his mouth and stops chewing the handle. 
4. Mark the other side of the handle next to his face where the lips end. 
5. Remove the handle and measure between the two marks. Note: Watch also the video down below this page.

Inches to Centimeters

Myler Bits come in different sizes but not all mouthpieces are in every size available. 

4 1/2 inch = 11.43 cm = in Sweden 11.5 cm
4 3/4 inch = 12.06 cm = in Sweden 12 cm
5 inch = 12.7 cm = in Sweden 12.5 cm 
5 1/4 inch = 13.33 cm = in Sweden 13 cm
5 1/2 inch = 13.97 cm = in Sweden 13.5 cm

The most common horse size is the 5 inch = 12,5 cm.
Myler Bits fit a little different than traditional bits because they have a distinctive curve which allows more room for the tongue. In addition, a Myler Bit will measure 1/8 inch larger than the stated size because the Mylers want to make sure that the has at least 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch of bit on both sides of the mouth. 
Choose the size nearest to your measurement, but go up, not down, to make sure that the bit won't be too tight. 
If the bit fits properly, you should see at least 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch of bit on both sides of the mouth. Make sure the headstall is adjusted correctly and the bit is centered in his mouth. 
There should also be some room between the cheekpiece and your horse's face because it can cause rubbing on the cheeks or lips. We always say like the thickness of your little pink would fit in between.
All horses have slightly different conformation, fleshy lips, a narrow muzzle or a heavy muzzle. 
If the size that you need is not available in the cheekpiece/ mouthpiece that you want, you can contact Monique Vermeer directly via +46 (0)73-847 89 24 or please submit the contact form.