Happy Trails and Enjoy the Ride

You can book a private riding tour with a maximum of 2 persons. Monique is your private guide and we tour around in our beautiful Ragunda Valley. 
The three horses are American Quarter Horses and well trained in western riding. In every season we do riding tours. In winter the horses have special shoes to walk on icy ground and snow.
There are some notes: 
  • You ride at your own risk. 
  • You must be a skilled rider since the Quarter Horses are not the type of riding school horses.
  • Children are welcome to join but from the age of 16 and must also be skilled riders. 
  • Bring your own helmet or hat and wear long jeans, preferably boots or a hiking shoes with a good sturdy soals.  

What can you expect:
We will have a fika at the sherrif's place as a start and introducing. You help with grooming and preparing the horses, then we have a test ride in the arena with some western exercizes. After the riding tour you help again with the horses and we feed them hay. 

The riding tour, grooming (before and after) and the fika takes you about 3.5 hours and costs SEK 550,= per person (by SWISH).

Bookings need to be scheduled in advance of 5 days. Please contact u by mail or phone  +46 (0)73-847 89 24.