To All Horse Lovers

We offer an interesting Seminar named: "Communication Problems between Horse & Rider"   

Monique Vermeer gave seminars, bit advises and was a 

U.S.A. Myler Bit retailer in the Netherlands for more then 18 years. 

You are welcome to the "Shovelhead Ranch" in Sörböle Bispgården 

     Seminars can be planned in at any day of the week.

Total 4 hours with a tour around the ranch, meeting the quarterhorses, coffee with div. bakery

and the 2.5 hour seminar.

Costs of this seminar is 550 kr p.p. (swish) and at a minimum of 4 persons.

Contact Monique Vermeer for further information or your booking: 073 847 89 24 

or email to