The Cozy Conference Room & Shop

The more than 150 year old stuga was once upon a time a bakery. Before the renovation in the summer of 2019 it was a scrappy old workshop. We gave the Cozy Stuga back her glory and now she serves as a Conference Room for the seminars, as well as a shop where you can buy your Myler Bit. 

In 2021 we started with retailing products from F.R.A. = Freedom Riding Articles. Their wonderful quality and fairly priced products for groundwork/ natural horsemanship, bridleless, bareback pads etc. will fit well next to our Myler Bits. 

Enjoy a cup of coffee from the firestove while you are here. You can even bring your cowboy hat for a refreshment or look for a different model. Monique operates the hat steamery well.