Happy Horses & Happy Riders 

We remain dedicated to helping riders communicate more effectively with their horses and to helping horses to be more comfortable and relaxed in their minds. As horses advance in their training level, the bit should be changed too. By offering greater tongue-relief and more comfort as the horse becomes softer and more compliant. The needs of the horse, his level of training, the ability level of the rider and the specific activities undertaken, will all have an influence of what bit is the best for your horse.

Dale Myler gives bitting clinics/ seminars all ove the world and has already a full agenda for 2021.
Monique Vermeer of MylerbitSweden offers you year around bitting clinics/ seminars and bitfitting. These will take place at the Shovelhead Ranch in Bispg√•rden.
Please forward your request here: Contact. 

Bitting clinic with Dale Myler
Bitting seminar with Monique Vermeer