Myler: the bitting system that gives your horse the freedom to obey

The freedom to obey is the guiding principle of Myler Bits. To make horses more comfortable in the mouth, so that they are more focused in the mind and therefore more trainable. According to the Myler brothers, "The bit is a communication tool. To effectively communicate with your horse, he must be relaxed. If your horse is resistant, he is not effectively receiving your message. Then he needs a different bit which lets him relax."

Bits can only do two things: cause resistance or relaxation. 
A horse has only two ways to respond, either it is relaxed or not. So your horse cooperates or your horse is resistant. Tongue pressure plays an important role in resistance. The Myler mouthpieces have an anatomic design.  This U-shape curve creates more room for the tongue to pass under the bit, so the horse can swallow more freely. When the horse is able to swallow during training, he will be motivated to relax and to be in his comfort zone.  
The U-shape provides a more even pressure deviding over the tongue, the bars and the corners of the mouth.